What is a digital pattern?

Digital patterns come as a file that you download and print for immediate use. You can print your pattern at home on A4/Letter copy paper and join the sheets together, or you can get it printed at a copy shop in large format.

After purchasing your pattern, you will immediately receive an order confirmation with a download button, and you will also be sent an email with a link. Download the file to your computer (not a mobile), save and print the pattern, and you can start cutting out your fabric right away!

Do your patterns come with sewing instructions?

Yes. With your purchase you will receive full sewing instructions that include size information, cutting layouts, and detailed, fully illustrated assembly instructions. 

Are your patterns professionally drafted?

Yes, our styles are designed, drafted and graded by a professionally trained designer/patternmaker who has worked in the fashion industry for 30 years. 

Are your patterns organised in layers?

Yes. Before printing, you have the option of switching different size layers on or off depending on your preferences. You can choose to print one size, a few selected sizes to aid your personal adjustments, or all sizes.

Are seam allowances marked on the pattern?

Seam allowances are marked on all Individual Size layers. For improved clarity, seam allowances are not marked on the All Sizes layer.

How do I assemble the A4/Letter pattern?

The pages are glued or taped together to form a larger pattern sheet. A diagram and full details are included in the sewing instructions to assist you with this.

Help, I'm having problems downloading!

If you have any problems opening or downloading your PDF file, or if you lose it, please email me and I'll do whatever I can to help. Contact details are here.

Help, I'm having problems printing!

Ensure you tick Actual Size or 100% Scale so the pattern prints at the correct size.

If the pattern is printing differently to the PDF image, click Advanced, and tick Print as Image.